Film about: Locmariaquer: (between) cultural/community heritage, citizen science & policy

This short movie is produced by University of Western Brittany in partnership with the Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan, the municipality of Locmariaquer and the association “la mer monte“* as part of the research and innovation programme of EU H2020 call PERICLES. The film opens with a presentation of PERICLES project and the case study carried out at Locmariaquer community in Gulf of Morbihan – France.

The film deals with the three pillars developed by PERICLES project:  1/ Space, Place, Identity, 2/Risks, Resilience, Adaptation, 3/Participation, Deliberation, Governance)

The three interviews realised for this film are covering the issue of the main identity of the municipality the oyster culture, the risks (natural, human, economic) facing by the local maritime cultural heritage and the participation of citizens to the preservation and the management of local culture Heritage.

(*the sea rises)

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