Cultural heritage provides a sense of place, unity, and belonging to people. Rooted in specific landscapes, seascapes, buildings, stories, traditions, and language, cultural heritage is a fundamental part of every society. It connects people to each other and to the past and helps guide our future.

By protecting and fighting for cultural heritage, we can strengthen identity and local societies, thereby improving overall quality of life. Culture and heritage are essential in maintaining and boosting Europe’s economic, social, cultural and natural capital. Doing so can generate prosperity, bring new jobs, enhance communities and improve local environments.

Yet, coastal cultural landscapes face risks from climate change, pollution, urbanisation, mass tourism, population decline in rural areas, the loss of traditional fishing fleets, neglect, and inconsistent policies of sea and shore conservation across European regions. 

PERICLES project is an EU-funded research and innovation project running until 2021. The project promotes sustainable, participatory governance of cultural heritage in European coastal and maritime regions. The overall aim of the project is to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive framework 

€2.5 milion


Total of 11


May 2018


42 months


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Explore the current issues in coastal and maritime cultural heritage by taking a tour through our 8 European case regions.  Learn about who we are and what we do and delve into our project approaches and intended outputs.  For more information, please get in touch with us!

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