The Scientific Impact Advisory Committee has been formed to ensure the best scientific direction of the project, as well as outputs of desk and field activities. The SIAC meets twice per year; once in person during the PERICLES annual meetings and once via teleconference. The SIAC provides advice to the whole partnership on how to ameliorate, redirect or implement the scientific plan of the project.

The Science-Impact Advisory Committee consists of:

  • Sylvette Dénefle, France. Architecture. Director of La Maison des sciences de l’homme, University of Tours. Recent work Renovation urban recomposition: territorial management: heritage and solidary economy
  • Brian Smith, England. Secretary General of Heritage Europe (European Association of Historic Towns and Regions)
  • Dr. Rob van Ginkel, Holland. Associate professor/senior lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. Strong profile within cultural identity
  • Arturo Rey da Silva, Paris. Strong background in maritime cultural heritage management and protection, and experience with UNESCO.

The SIAC also helps the Consortium to maintain direct linkages to, and get early input from, different stakeholders (i.e., historic ports and towns, NGOs, academia, industry) and, at the same time, will provide input on how to adjust project plans and improve its outputs. This small, core advisory team of highly dedicated experts are genuinely active throughout the project as critical friends and act as vectors to liaise with other global research and practitioner expertise tailored to specific circumstances and requests, which we believe to be a genuine, effective, and resource-efficient approach.

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