Case region: South West Coast of Estonia

Living maritime heritage in the small islands of southwestern Estonia

The case region is the southwestern coast of Estonia: the coast of Pärnu and Livonian Bay up to the Latvian border, including the small islands of Kihnu, Ruhnu and Manija. As the small islands of southwestern Estonia have a very distinct and well-preserved cultural heritage, the main focus of the case is on those small islands.


E.1 Integrating CH into maritime spatial planning​

E.2 Blue growth and coastal culture: development-heritage interactions​ (Kihnu and Ruhnu Islands)​

E.3 European Coastal Path​

What we do

The inhabitants of the small islands of southwestern Estonia are facing a changing economic and demographic situation. They are trying to preserve their cultural heritage, while using it as an economical resource. However, it is becoming more and more difficult in the situation of diminishing population and competition in the field of tourism. In the PERICLES project these problems are analysed from the viewpoint of blue growth and cultural heritage. It is also analysed how the cultural heritage of small Estonian southwestern islands is depicted in the national maritime spatial planning process.


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Krista Karro

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Movie about the night of ancient lights in the island of Kihnu (by Tanel Saimre, made specially for PERICLES), in Estonian

Documentary about Kihnu as an island of women (by Great Big Story), in English

The story of the Kihnu ship type (kivilaev = stone ship, by Kihnu Mere Selts), in Estonian

Visions of Kihnu (by Madis Ligema, 2nd place in EstDocs 2014 Short Film Festival), English subtitles

Kihnu and Manija islands:  (by NGO Kihnu Cultural Space (SA Kihnu Kultuuriruum), UNESCO), in English

Introductory documentary of the island of Ruhnu (by Westminster Television), in English

Historical documentary about the island of Ruhnu (by Tallinna TV), in Estonian

Interesting web sites:

NGO the Kihnu Cultural Space:

Kihnu Mere Selts:

NGO West-Estonia Tourism:

Ruhnu museum

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