Case Regions


The purpose of the case region approach is to:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of multiple types of tangible and intangible maritime CH
  • Spatially map these tangible and intangible maritime CH
  • Explore different threats to CH
  • Examine and test opportunities for harnessing CH assets for sustainable and inclusive development and growth

Case studies run for 13 months from month July 2019 to end of July 2020

Wadden Sea
Aegan Sea

There are eight case regions across six European seas: ​

  • The Aveiro lagoon on the central Portuguese coast (Atlantic Ocean)
  • The North-east Aegean Sea and Malta (Mediterranean Sea)
  • Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland (Atlantic Ocean/Irish Sea)
  • The Wadden Sea
  • South-west coast of Estonia and inshore coastal Denmark and Danish islands (Baltic Sea)
  • Brittany (Atlantic Ocean)

​Activities in case regions are conducted in demonstrator projects (‘demos’)​

  • 29 demos on a diverse range of CH challenges and opportunities
  • Each demo is focused on a specific theme or issue 
  • Some demos are geographically broad, across a whole case study region – others explore particular CH issues

The demos seek to:​

  • Record and understand CH at present and historically
  • Test novel analytic and practical approaches related to CH preservation and exploitation
  • Bring together a range of stakeholders to develop in-depth research and disseminate activities and outputs

A number of key approaches tools or methods will be broadly applied across the demos

This helps to enable cross-regional outputs and impacts

Case Region Linkage

A = Aegean Sea

B = Brittany

D = Denmark

E = Estonia

M = Malta

P = Portugal

SI =  Scotland-Ireland

W = Wadden Sea

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