Case region: Coastal Denmark and Danish Islands

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Stedsbaseret uddannelse: Kommunikation af maritim kulturarv gennem uddannelse. / Place-based Education: Communicating Maritime Cultural Heritage through education

Cultural Heritage in community development

Denmark’s inshore coastal regions and islands are areas rich in maritime and coastal heritage and history with unique heritage buildings and structures, distinctive wooden fishing boats, vivid oral and folk traditions which feed into modern literature and collective memories, and which forms the basis of touristic and business innovation. Though blessed with abundant heritage, the Danish case region is, in general, characterised by many of the same challenges found in rural and peripheral regions throughout Europe such as low population, limited infrastructure, outmigration, increased pressures from tourism and development without regard to tangible CH, poor stock status of locally important fish stocks, and the deregulation of strong protections of coastal areas. Thus, in this case, we explore how local communities and peoples can adapt to contemporary societal conditions using their cultural heritage to help tackle the challenges they face, such as strengthening societal awareness of maritime heritage for tourism and community development, and investigating how local, cultural knowledge (e.g., traditional boat building; maritime navigation) can provide a platform for community revitalisation, strengthened community identity.


D.1 Maritime and coastal heritage in policies and plans – across borders and sectors

D.2 Maritime heritage, local environments and education

D.3 Wooden boat building and local development

D.4 Tourism and maritime and coastal heritage

What we do

In this case region we are working with local schools and museums to bring maritime and cultural heritage to life with students interviewing mariners and making films, holding art exhibitions, poetry readings, and much, much more!

Also, we focus on connecting cultural heritage practitioners across Denmark and supporting local citizens’ associations as they work to protect and build upon their local CH

Furthermore, we are identifying risks to CH in Denmark; and exploring how knowledge of boat building skills have been transferred thus far, and how it might be transferred further between local actors and/or localities, as a means to understand connections with local development.

Aalborg University, CREATE

Our team

Kristen Ounanian


Alyne Elizabeth Delaney

Carsten Jahn Hansen

Associate Professor

Lars Bodum

Jan Van Tatenhove


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Marstal Maritime Museum
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