Maritime cultural heritage of Morbihan Gulf : know-how and buildings to be valued which will take place in the Gulf of Morbihan (Brittany, France) on 26th November

This meeting, organised by the Regional natural Park of Morbihan Gulf, with the support of the University of Western Brittany (UBO), aims to address the issue of sustainable and integrated management of coastal maritime heritage, in its various dimensions (tangible and intangible heritage), with emphasis on :

– The need for a joint approach to cultural and natural heritage, considering the interaction between maritime activities/coastal buildings and the environment. What adaptation solutions for this maritime heritage in the face of coastal risks and the erosion of biodiversity? What steps should be taken to raise awareness of this global approach?

– The transmission of the knowledge and know-how of maritime professionals and their consideration in public decisions. What is this knowledge and how is it put into practice on a daily basis? How is it transmitted, preserved and considered? How can their attractiveness be reinforced?

– The integrated management of the built maritime heritage, for a better consideration by all institutional actors. How should maritime heritage located on the coast and the Public Maritime Domain be managed? How to facilitate its integration into planning tools (SCoT, PLU, etc.)?

Faced with these challenges, what future for the maritime heritage of the Gulf of Morbihan? What public policy should be designed?

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