PERICLES Story Map!!

Check out the new PERICLES Story Map! Explore the current issues in coastal and maritime cultural heritage by taking a tour through our 8 European case regions.  Learn about who we are and what we do and delve into our project approaches and intended outputs.  For more information, please get in touch with us! Click on the image […]

Save the date! 5th webinar

Save the date! 5th PERICLES Webinar Conserving Longyearbyen’s Cultural Heritage in a Climate of Change​ We are excited to announce the date for our next webinar!Dr Laura Ferguson will discuss the tangible & intangible cultural heritage of Longyearbyen, Svalbard!She will focus on social & environmental changes, & the needs & options for conservation. She will […]

Workshop on cultural heritage in coastal Europe CHERISH and PERICLES join forces.

Workshop on cultural heritage in coastal Europe CHERISH and PERICLES join forces. The Interreg Europe project “CHERISH: Creating opportunities for regional growth through promoting Cultural HERitage of fISHing communities in Europe is honored to have a workshop included at this year’s European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC). The EWRC is an annual four-day event […]

Save the date! 4th webinar

SAVE THE DATE!! Our next webinar… “Ethnographic documentary: a tool for the enhancement of intangible cultural heritage”Presenters: Dr Loes Witteveen & Pauline van Tuyll, Uni. of Wageningen30th September 2020 @ 13:00-14:00 CETRegistration coming soon…#PERICLESwebinarWe’re excited to announce our 4th webinar in 3 weeks time! Some team members at Wageningen University, The Netherlands will discuss ethnographic […]


3rd PERICLES WEBINAR Title: Map Your Heritage: the PERICLES online mapping platform for coastal and maritime cultural heritage This webinar will feature Sarah Knight, PERICLES Portal Officer and Researcher at the Department of Environment & Geography, University of York, UK.  She will present the PERICLES portal (, an interactive, multimedia online mapping platform designed to […]

The ICOMOS France webinar watched collectively at the Locmariaquer town hall

The PERICLES ICOMOS France webinar broadcast live in Locmariaquer town hall “In Locmariaquer, a Gulf of Morbihan’ municipality particularly involved in the PERICLES project, the ICOMOS France webinar, which was held on Wednesday 24 June, was followed live by about ten inhabitants in a room in the town hall fitted out for the occasion. The […]

Women and the Sea Brittany Seaweed

Women and the Sea With the video “Women and the sea in Brittany: Seaweed” UBO participates to the event “Les Elles de l’Océan: Embarquons les talents féminins” launched by the association “Elles bougent” with the French Maritime cluster promoting women employment in maritime activities. The video promotes women work in seaweed gathering in Brittany, France. […]


2nd PERICLES WEBINAR We are very excited to announce our 2nd PERICLES webinar! Isabelle Palmi & Jean-Pierre Thibault will present the scientific actions carried out by ICOMOS France in favour of sustainable management of natural & cultural heritage. Date: Wednesday 24th JuneTime: 13:00-14:00 CETLanguage: Presentation in French, English/French slidesRegistration details coming soon! Isabelle Palmi, Director […]

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