Fishing cultural heritage in NE Aegean and a new book about it. 

After three years of work on fishing cultural heritage in NE Aegean, Greece, PERICLES collected a rich body of data, visual, textual and other.  These are all indexed and kept in a comprehensive database managed by the Fisheries Research Institute of the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation DIMITRA (ELGO – DIMITRA) and the University of Crete – Laboratory “Visual Anthropology. Image, Music, Text.”  

Some of these materials are showcased in a book!  The book asks the question: “What is fishing cultural heritage to you?” The question is answered by many people who are related to fishing cultural heritage in various capacities, from fishermen and fishmongers to marine biologists, local government agents and families that place fish on the table on a regular basis.  

The book is full of fascinating stories around the fishing world and old photographs that illustrate these stories. 


The book is in Greek but here we present the introduction in English for those who want to know what this book is about. 

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