From the 23rd to 27th of April 2019, PERICLES consortium partners gathered in totally PERICLES atmosphere where all literally breathed coastal natural and cultural heritage of the Wadden Sea, one of the case study regions.

The aim of the consortium meeting was to discuss the project’s progress and to set the agenda for the upcoming year. Next to the meeting, a stakeholder workshop was held on Thursday 26th. Twelve stakeholders from all over Europe participated and shared their experiences.

The meeting!

On two of the four days, the meeting was held at the Seafarers Marine Institute in Den Helder, where Wageningen Marine Research (WMR) holds office. On the other days, including the stakeholder workshop, the participants took a ferry to the Island of Texel, where they met at the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ). NIOZ is a Dutch research institute, working on oceanography and marine biology in the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands, for instance at Spitsbergen and the Dutch Caribbean.

The consortium meeting was filled with interesting presentations and exchanges on e.g. the case study regions, the use of tools and methods and the communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy for the project. Particularly interesting was the small group discussions on what is and will be done in the demonstrations in each case study region which make the empirical grounding of the PERICLES project. Also, the project SIAC members, Rob van Ginkel and Sylvette Denefle, presented their views, based on their expertise, Texel’s fishing tradition and practices, and gender equality, respectively.

Dutch research institute

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