On the 24th until the 28th of June 2019 numerous PERICLES partners participated in the MARE People and the Sea conference in Amsterdam.

Alyne Delaney, PERICLES Coordinator, organised the session “European Coastal and Maritime Cultural Heritage: Walking a fine line between utilisation and preservation in the Blue Growth Era” at the MARE People and the Sea X conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands this week. She was joined at the podium by Alexandra Baixinho of UAVR, Tanel Saimre of MKA, and Nicolas Boillet of UBO, and by numerous PERICLES partners in the audience. The session drew out a lively discussion on cultural heritage issues in Europe, as well as connected PERICLES with other CH project (E.g., HERICOAST) partners. At the end of the week, Dr. Delaney was able to insert cultural heritage into the “Manifesto for the Marine Social Sciences—An output from the Xth MARE People and the Sea Conference.”


Link to the conference:

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