PERICLES planning International virtual seminar on Coastal & Maritime Cultural Heritage

In collaboration with the MARE People and the Sea conference, PERICLES partners are planning the program for the conference’s kickoff event, MARE Policy Day.

For this year’s bi-annual event, PERICLES and other projects and researchers working on Coastal & Maritime Cultural Heritage (CMCH) will present their insights on key policy issues and invite for discussion and dialogue amongst participants. We will examine how to meet CMCH’s integration challenges understood in the following ways: (1) the integration of cultural and natural heritage, (2) horizontal integration across sectors and various marine policy areas (e.g., MSP, ICZM, regional development), and (3) the integration of different knowledges, values, interests, and participation of diverse stakeholders. Our objective, like in other MARE policy days, is to hear from decisionmakers, practitioners, and managers regarding their experiences and to open a space for discussion and dialogue. The event will be held online on Monday, 28 June 2021. Please see for further details. 

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