News from PERICLES Malta!

There are new developments around the work in Malta. The “Fishing for recipes” contest has started tart today as part of the demo that promotes local and sustainable fish consumption and makes visible the coastal gastronomy of the Islands.

The contest is open and free for children to up to 12 y/o, and invites them to “fish” recipes at home, together with their families. The aim is to promote and make more visible the use of local fish species in Malta, as an important element of the coastal culinary heritage, and adopting an interactive and intergenerational approach to ensure a transfer of coastal gastronomy knowledge.

From all the recipes, a jury will select and announce three winners that will receive a prize during the Fish Fest in Marsaxlokk on the18th of September 2020.

Participants are encouraged to send videos and photos and be creative in the fishing of their family recipes.

This action is coordinated by PERICLES and is a joint effort with the Ministry of Education, the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, the Local Council of Marsaxlokk, the Mediterranean Culinary Academy, Wageningen University and Research and the citizens of Malta who participate in this initiative. 

It is promoted through the summer schools at the Skolasajf centres, but it is also open to all kids from Malta who want to participate.

More details about the contest can be found in the poster!

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