More views from the Aegean: fishing cultural heritage and identity

Two new short videos from NE Greece are now available.  They explore the essence of fishing identity. A fishmonger from Kavala, who descents from many generations of fishers, and a small-scale coastal fisherman from Thassos Island talked about their heritage and the “soul” of the fishermen.

About fishing cultural heritage

Kostas Hatzigeorgiou, descendant of a long line of fishers, shared his thoughts and memories about the old ways of fishing, the threats posed by advanced fishing technology and the current subsidized destruction of the traditional wooden fishing vessels.  When asked to define fishing cultural heritage, he places his family to the centre of it, emphasizing the significance of belonging, learning and participating in a fishing way of life.

What it means to be a fisherman

Panagiotis Karanikolas, a small-scale inshore fisherman, who owns and operates his fishing boat singlehandedly, offers his thoughts on what it means to be a fisherman. According to him, a fisherman is born to fishing, his roots are in fishing, fishing is in him!

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