Title: Map Your Heritage: the PERICLES online mapping platform for coastal and maritime cultural heritage

This webinar will feature Sarah Knight, PERICLES Portal Officer and Researcher at the Department of Environment & Geography, University of York, UK.  She will present the PERICLES portal (www.mapyourheritage.eu), an interactive, multimedia online mapping platform designed to enable the collection of data and analysis of the distribution of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The presentation will finish with an opportunity for attendees to ask Sarah questions in a Q&A session.

Date: Thursday 23rd July
Time: 13:00-14:00 CET

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Sarah is an interdisciplinary researcher at the University of York, UK and a UK Data Service Impact Fellow, with an interest in GIS, mapping, ecosystem services and human well-being.  She is currently researching the impact of the natural environment on human health and well-being, bringing together large environmental and socio-economic datasets across time and space.  Prior to this she worked in the environmental conservation sector for nearly 10 years in government, charitable and academic organisations such as UNEP-WCMC, FERA, Imperial College and ZSL.  She has an interest in employing quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods in research.

Sarah is the PERICLES Portal Officer, responsible for designing and delivering the technical aspects of the portal, as well as facilitating its use across the case regions.  She is also responsible for the PERICLES social media channels and other dissemination activities. @sarah_gis


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