See, Do, Hear Maritime Culture Heritage

See, Do, Hear Cultural Heritage

PERICLES develops educational material and organize talks an schools, universities and local communities to increase the awareness and understanding about the importance of CH.

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The old way of fishing

The crooked wood

Fête des goémoniers à Plounéour-Trez  / Festival of seaweed at Plonéour-Trez :
Le goémon en 196 /  Kelp in 1969.: (in French)

Biomasse algues 2019 / Shore seaweed biomass  :  (in French)

Video on the Educational Marine Areas made by PNRGM on the Arz Island

Video about clam fishing on foot

Video about Cuttlefish fishing

A short video from the Aegean, Greece: “Sorting fish nets”
Greece has the largest fleet of small coastal fishing vessels in Europe with almost 15.000 fishing boats smaller than 12 m in length. Coastal fishermen face the most challenges: depleted fish stocks, fishing gear damage by predators such as dolphins, disproportionally high expenses, low fish prices in the market. Selling directly to the consumers from the boat can help them. We are grateful to the fishermen at Keramoti at Kavala whom we met in summer 2019. Music by N. Skalkotas “The Sea-Fishing Boat”

Fishing for razor shells in NE Aegean, Greece – The intangible aspect of fishing cultural heritage.
The art of fishing for razor shells incorporates knowledge and embodied experience: the manufacture of the tool, the identification of the shells’ marks on the seabed, the movement of the fisher’s wrist at the moment of capture. They are all elements of the rich intangible fishing cultural heritage on the coasts of NE Aegean, Greece.

We are gratefull to Arvanitidis family for showing us how razor shells are harvested and also for their warm, generous hospitality!


Watch this new video from the Aegean

Vistonis lagoon is a protected wetland area, part of the National Park of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, with diverse fauna and flora and unique geomorphological features. At the same time it is a particularly rich fishing ground which, even today, is exploited by traditional methods, mostly the dalyan run by a fishermen’s Cooperation.

We are grateful to the members of the fishermens’ Cooperation “Agios Nikolaos” for exhibiting the workings of the dalyan and their warm hospitality.


Lament from North Epirus by Petro-Luca Chalkias 


Yet another short PERICLES video from NE Aegean, Greece!

This time its instructions on how to salt anchovies! Also some insights into the intangible cultural heritage of this culinary art!

Fish salting at home

Fish processing transforms an abundant perishable resource, the fish, into food that has a long shelf life and can be transported over long distances. Fish processing creates products with new, unique taste. Salting is a simple processing techniques which was already practiced in the Aegean as early as the prehistoric period and remains the same in its basic elements even today. It is a robust element of the Aegean intangible cultural heritage.

Salting fish for the needs of the household mobilizes knowledge, memories, dexterities and family relations, through the simple process of alternating layers of fish and salt in a pot, the waiting and the anticipating for the final result.

We are most grateful to Kostas and Eugenia Mylona who demonstrated fish salting and shared with us some ouzo and wonderful morsels of home made salted anchovies.

Music: “Two little fish”, Gatinis Orchestra, 1950


A video made at the « Les deux Rivières” school in Crac’h as part of the PERICLES project on the awareness and involvement of young children in the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.


Pay a visit to the Maritime Museum in Kavala

Read about the history of fishing in Greece:

Ecomusée de Plougerneau / The eco-museum of Plougernea about seaweed : (in French)

Musée de la pêche à Concarneau / Museum of fisheries at Concarneau : (in French)


Can you match the sound you hear?

“The fishermen”, Traditional song, 1927:

“The beach Seine” S. Stasinopoulos, USA 1927

A song for hauling the nets

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